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Presented by the classical theatre troupe Shut Up! It's Shakespeare, Macbeth is an immersive production that guides an audience through each chapter of the horrific tale of the Thane of Glamis and his Lady as they commit the unthinkable to become royalty of Scotland.

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The audience is led by six witches acting as extensions of Lucifer through Dante's Inferno's ninth circle of hell (above). The ninth circle is reserved only for those who have committed crimes of treachery and treason. It's only fitting that such a place is used as the stage for Shakespeare's greatest anti-hero. Nightly, the witches allow mortals to enter the ninth circle to watch as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, frozen in their own sins, are forced to relive their crimes and the dire consequences that follow.

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Figure 53 (makers of QLab) ran the "We <3 Live Theatre" Contest. Entrants would send in their pitch for a production, and winners would receive funding to turn their pitch into a reality. Shut Up! It's Shakespeare won the contest! With our funding, we set out to turn a 10,000 sq. ft. unfinished, concrete basement into the ninth circle of hell as you can see in our ground plan (below).

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Visit our for more information on our production process